Our Services

Harel Mallac Corporate Services’ comprehensive service offering is geared towards meeting our clients’ requirements without compromise. Depending on their needs, we can assist them in the following:


We work in close collaboration with our client companies, local, international and dual listed entities and take care of:

  • Providing accurate, up to date data and maintenance of the register of shareholders and bondholders
  • Handling all requests for issue and consolidation of share certificates
  • Processing of share transfers, deposit and withdrawal of shares on Central Depository & Settlement Co Ltd (CDS).
  • Providing assistance to dual-listed companies through liaison with shareholders, international registrars and CDS.

Calculating and transfer agency

Dividend Payments

We understand the importance of dividend payments to shareholders. In this regard, we provide our clients with the reassurance that we will manage this process with the utmost integrity, strict confidentiality and accuracy.

We manage the entire dividend payment process for our clients, including dividend computation, mailing of cheques and credit advice to shareholders.

Corporate Events

In order to make our clients’ corporate life easier, we provide a service that involves the management of Annual General Meetings. In addition, our service extends to the management of rights issues, bonus issues, IPOs, minority share buy-outs and other specific and complex requirements.

Corporate Correspondence

We take care of all mailing of corporate correspondences such as annual reports, circulars and documents relating to corporate events in a timely manner.

Share Registry Software

We are proud to be the first developer of the Shares Registry Management Software in Mauritius, which has been designed and customised to assist you to manage your maintenance details, certificate transactions, CDS transactions and dividend processes. The Shares Registry Management Software is dynamic and in line with current legislations. It is also regularly updated to meet any new legislative or stock exchange requirements.

The Shares Registry Management Software, a multi-company and multi-user system, is safe, fast, effective and offers as much as 40 queries and reporting facilities, from % holdings of shareholders to past dividend payments.

We will gladly assist you in dealing with Data Conversion, Data Input, the installation of the software as well as training and much more.