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Harel Mallac Corporate Services

Registry services is provided by Harel Mallac Corporate Services Ltd a sister company of Harel Mallac Global Ltd. Harel Mallac Corporate Services Ltd is licensed by the Financial Services Commission fsc as a register and transfer agentwe provide a full range of registry services including the management of corporate events, from dividend payments to mailing of annual reports and direct communication with shareholders.

The business began as a sub-division of Mauritius Computing Services (MCS) in 1971, providing specialised registry software. It evolved to become a full-fledged Registrar and Transfer Agent that was spun off into its own company in 2016. We provide specialised registry and registry related software solutions, supported by a team of committed professionals.

As a member of the Harel Mallac Group, we commit to make a difference for the better. We put at the disposal of our clients a professional and focused service backed by expertise, experience and understanding of different markets.