Global Business Company Category 2

A company holding a Global Business License Category 2 (commonly referred to as a GBC 2 or a GBL 2) may be incorporated in Mauritius or be registered as a branch of a foreign company. A foreign company may be re-domiciled if the foreign law so permits and thereafter continues as a Mauritian global business company. The GBC 2 is a tax exempt, low cost vehicle. It does not benefit from Mauritian tax treaties.

A GBC2 is characterized by the following:

  • It must have a registered office and agent in Mauritius, and its register of members, directors and secretary as well as particulars of charges must be filed;
  • It should submit an outline of the business objective and identity of the promoter, beneficial owner and ultimate beneficial owner must be provided to the Financial Services Commission;
  • It is allowed to have corporate directors;
  • It is not allowed to have bearer shares;
  • It may hold board meetings in or outside Mauritius;
  • It must file an annual unaudited financial summary with the Financial Services Commission within six months of the balance sheet date;
  • It must keep accounting records, minutes and registers at the registered office or at such other place determined by the directors